XSTRAND™ Glass Fiber Filaments Now Available

XSTRAND™ Glass Fiber Filaments Now Available

Print Your Mind 3D is now carrying filaments from Owens Corning, a world leader in glass fiber composites, inculding their XSTRAND™ Nylon and Polypropylene


Key filament attributes:

  • Reinforced PP and PA6 filament with 30% glass fiber
  • Up to 250% stronger than ABS (Tensile Modulus (MPa) ISO 527)
  • Designed for functional prototyping and industrial applications
  • Excellent layer adhesion and reduced warping effect compare to neat materials
  • Very stiff and strong materials
  • Large operational temperature range -20°C to 120°C Good chemical and UV resistance

    XSTRAND Filament Strength


Learn more and order yours today:

XSTRAND™ Glass Fiber Nylon FilamentXSTRAND™ Glass Fiber Nylon Filament

XSTRAND™ Glass Fiber Polypropylene

XSTRAND™ Glass Fiber Polypropylene





Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the optimal print temperature?

  • PA - 240 - 260°C
  • If using adhesive solution (packaging tape, HDPE bed, etc.), much lower in the range of 30-50°C

What are the applications for the material?

  • Industrial usage including tools, fixtures, heavy duty replacement parts.
  • Sport and leisure parts.
  • Electronics and appliance parts, and many others.

How quickly does it degrade your hardened nozzle - e.g. how many grams printed before replacement?

  • On the Ultimaker, we have 2,432 hours of successful prints with GF-30 PP and GF-30 PA6 using the same tool steel nozzle.

What is the difference in surface finish between the two XSTRAND GF-30 PP and GF-30 PA?

  • The GF-30 PA6 feels a little rougher and the GF-30 PP is silkier.

How much temperature can the printed part handle? Wet or dry?

  • This is linked to the Heat Temperature Deflection Test. We chose the highest ISO standard value at 1.8MPa and both materials standard specimen is handling 120°C in temperature. For this standard test, material are conditioned 48h at 23°C and 50% moisture air before the test. However, this is a general value that is totally dependent to the part geometry.

How is XSTRAND filaments different than carbon fiber filled PA or PP?

Leading Brand of CF Reinforced PA6 Owens Corning Glass Fiber Nylon
Tensile Modulus 4387 MPa 7400 MPa
Tensile Strength 64 MPa 60 MPa
Heat Deflection Temperature 102°C
(at lowest pressure of 0.45 MPa)
(at lowest pressure of 1.8 MPa)
Flexural Modulus 5650 MPa 6100 MPa
Flexural Strength 78 MPa 170 MPa

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