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Industrial manufacturing capacity on your desktop

Ultimaker has created a one-of-a-kind manufacturing solution to offer engineers and designers the freedom and flexibility to do their best work. The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle enhances the award-winning Ultimaker S5 3D printer with the addition of the Material Station and Air Manager. Now you have the freedom to transform your workflow thanks to automated material handling, optimized air filtration, and controlled filament humidity. Combined, these revolutionary products allow you to boost productivity, add flexibility, and gain confidence to meet even your most demanding applications. 

Now you can do more with less hassle

Thanks to humidity control, a massive 6 spool capacity, and boasting a market-leading range of materials, the Material Station takes care of all of your 3D printing material handling needs. Add to this the Air Manager's precise filtering control thanks to optimized software and pre-configured material profiles and you can experience industrial 3D printing like never before. The Air Manager takes care of your worries related to UFPs and allows for printing in every Ultimaker material as well as over 40 third-party filaments. This includes materials like glass and carbon fiber materials thanks to abrasive-resistant prefeeders in every bay of the Material Station.  

Front loading and automated with NFC detection

With its's front loading 6-spool capacity and dependable automatic switching system, you can truly experience hassle-free printing with the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle. This system was designed from the ground up to run 24/7 completely unattended and deliver an in-house production experience to match your most ambitious projects. This is why the system allows you to load and eject materials, even while printing and still benefit for NFC reading capability.  

A complete material and air quality solution

Now included in the Ultimaker Cura software are tested Air Manager fan control settings for every material. The Air Manager offers a EPA filter that removes 95% of ultrafine particles (UFPS) from the Ultimaker S5 build chamber. This large, replaceable filter catches, traps, or diffuses emitted particles. Cura Connect also allows for seamless integration with the Material Station for ideal print job distribution. This all combines to offer improved print results, efficient queuing, and optimal air filtration with zero hassle.

Seamless software integration

There is one more very powerful component of the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle that you can't see, free and intuitive Ultimaker software. Ultimaker Digital Factory can queue print jobs digitally while Ultimaker Cura manages all of the settings related to fan speeds for each material. This combination along with the Ultimaker Marketplace allows for reliable printing of both Ultimaker and third-party filaments. 



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