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Ultimaker tough PLA

Ultimaker Tough PLA is perfectly formulated for use with your Ultimaker 3D printer!

The 3D printing experts at Ultimaker have created their very own line of materials designed for flawless printing on Ultimaker 3D printers. That means these materials work seamlessly with the standard PLA profiles and settings of your Ultimaker machine. If you are looking for the highest quality, easiest to use, and most reliable PLA for your Ultimaker, this is it!

What is Tough PLA?

Ultimaker Tough PLA is a technical PLA (polylactic acid) material with toughness similar to ABS. Ideal for reliably printing functional prototypes and tooling at larger sizes, our Tough PLA offers the same safe and easy use as regular PLA.


Tough enough to use

Tough PLA’s impact strength is much closer to ABS than regular PLA, so you can print parts for practical applications with heat resistance up to 60 ˚C.


Optimized for large prints

When you need toughness in large models, Tough PLA is an easy-to-print and reliable material – ideal for 3D printing with the Ultimaker S5’s bigger build volume.


Achieve complex geometries

Designs with intricate curves, fine details, and overhangs can be easily printed with Tough PLA, especially when combined with our water-soluble PVA support.

Recommended Uses

  • Impact strength similar to ABS, greater than regular PLA
  • Higher stiffness compared with ABS
  • Less brittle than regular PLA
  • Gives a more matte surface finish quality than our normal PLA
  • Machinable plastic, ideal for post-processing, sanding, and threading
  • More reliable than ABS for larger prints, with no delamination or warping
  • Compatible with Ultimaker support materials (PVA and Breakaway) giving full geometric freedom when designing parts

Works With Other 2.85/3.00mm 3D Printers

Ultimaker PLA is designed specifically for Ultimaker 3D printers including Ultimaker S5Ultimaker 3, Ultimaker 3 ExtendedUltimaker 2+, and Ultimaker 2 Extended+. However, this material will also print very well with other 2.85/3.00mm printers including Lulzbot.


0.75kg spool

Always check the official compatibility chart for material combinations

Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

Print Your Mind 3D is an authorized Canadian reseller for Ultimaker 3D printing products.

Customer Reviews

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Successful Ultimaker 2+

Ultimaker states trial by error with the Tough PLA. Print Your Mind said the Ultimaker 3 is to have the nozzle at 210 - 220 and to try 215 Deg on the 2+. 1/2 way through a test print of a small box, I noticed some warping where the sides of the box where slightly concaved so I upped the temp to 218 Deg and the walls for the rest of the print were perfectly straight and vertical. Made two “L Brackets”, one Reg PLA and the other Tough PLA and tested the strength of both. The Tough PLA was way stronger. We will be running the Tough PLA from now on for our prototypes.


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