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We work with businesses of all sizes across Canada to help reduce development costs, establish in house prototyping facilities, accelerate design cycles, and add further flexibility in product development. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can pass on our real world practices to show our customers how to apply additive manufacturing to develop a strategic approach to adoption and integration to current operations. We are also proud to now offer financing options for businesses to purchase a 3D printer. Contact us to learn more about financing options.




Your Specific Needs


We are happy to offer a complimentary consultation to discuss the specific needs of your business. Thanks to our curated equipment offering, we can find the solution to match your budget, skills, and material requirements. We also know that in business, dollars count. That is why we teamed up with First Capital Leasing to now offer financing options for businesses to purchase a 3D printer. Ask us for more details about financing options.




Even the most basic 3D printers require specific knowledge and expertise to operate properly. We are happy to provide training sessions to ensure your staff have the skills necessary to use your new printer to its full potential.   


Quality Matters


We are true believers that quality cannot be overlooked, especially in an industry where you measure in microns. We have rigorously tested equipment and material manufacturers from around the world to arrive at the curated offerings we provide. We only carry products from top names in the industry who have built strong reputations synonymous with reliability and consistency.



Learn how 3D printing is used in different industries

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