New Simplified Ultimaker Cura 4.0 and Ultimaker Cloud Now Available

Ultimaker 4.0 and Ultimaker Cloud

Ultimaker has done a fantastic job over the years to not only be an industry leader for their professional desktop 3D printers, but they have also created incredibly powerful software. They have shown this dedication to lead the 3D printing industry in ters of software through countless updates and improvements to Ultimaker Cura, the launch of their innovative Cura Connect software, and now they have another ground breaking software to share, Ultimaker Cloud. Let's cover a few of the highlights of both the all new Ultimaker Cura 4.0 and Ultimaker Cloud.


Ultimaker Cura 4.0 UI

Ultimaker Cura 4.0

New and improved UI

The first thing you will notice is the brand new look. They have really changed up the user interface to simplify the experience for users. Collapsible panels allow users to easy access different settings, and allow you to focus on your 3D model as needed. This new interface is great for all skill levels as you can start with the basic "Reccomended" view but still get into the "Custom" view to adjust the 300+ settings available to you.


Ultimaker Marketplace

Integreted Marketplace

Since launching their Marketplace, Ultimaker has really started to open the material capabilities of their printers through partnerships with many filament manufactures. This makes for seamless printing even with composite materials like Owens Cornings XSTRAND. Marketplace is even easier to access now with a new button from the main interface Additional information has also been added to make it easier for users to find things like data sheets along with a rating system. 


Ultimaker Cloud


One of the great new features enabled by Ultimaker Cloud is the ability to keep your settings anywhere at any time. You can conveiniently retreive any specific settings you may have saved or created for use on any computer, whether it’s running Windows, Mac, or Linux. You will need an Ultimaker account and internet connection to make and restore backups. For now, five backups are enabled per Ultimaker account.


Learn more and download now

 Read the full release post from Ultimaker on Ultimaker Cura 4.0



Ultimaker Cloud Integration

Ultimaker Cloud & Firmware 5.2

What is new with Ultimaker Cloud?

One of the top advantages that is now possible is remote printing. You can now send print jobs to your Ultimaker S5 or Ultimaker 3 printer from anywhere in the world and stay up to date on printing progress. Remote monitoring requires Utimaker Cura 4.0 as well as firmware 5.2


Model Based Active Levelling

The last exciting improvement we want to share is model-based active levelling. This really helps cut down on levelling times to improve effeciency for your Ultimaker S5. Rather than probing the entire plate, like it would run through every print with previous versions, the printer will only probe the footprint of your model. 


Learn more 

Read the full release post from Ultimaker on Ultimaker Cloud and Firmware 5.2

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