Jeff Rasmussen - 3D Printer of the Month

Jeff Rasmussen  - 3D Printer of the Month



Tell us about yourself and your experience with 3D printing

I am a painter/sculptor and originally hail from Regina, Saskatchewan. Since early 2017 I have been experimenting with many different ways to use 3Dprinting including props, prototyping and engineered textures for my contemporary painting process.


What 3D printer(s) do you own?

Ultimaker 3


What design software do you use most often? Why choose this over other software?




I use MAYA because of its powerful modeling tools and familiarity.  I have a background in 3d animation so MAYA is something I've used in the past.


NETFABB is a great tool to fix and cut models fast and efficiently-a very user friendly program.  

FUSION 360 is more of an engineering program that I use on occasion for smaller things.  I like it's accuracy but I need more time with the software if instant to push it more.

PLA print on Ultimaker 3 3D printer

What is your favorite filament to print with? What do you like about it?

I like PLA because it's great for models and prototyping...even finished work.  The ULTIMAKER PLA is fuseable with methylene Chloride soothe plastic melts together instead of glue.

Are there any additional tools, resources, or software you use often with your 3D printing projects?

I use a digital micrometer for reverse engineering and sizing. Dremel tool, die grinders and Fein multitool for sanding. And plasticoat primer/automotive spot filler from Lordco parts. Also I use my Iwata airbrush quite frequently.


Is there anything you know now that you wish you knew when you first started 3D printing?

I wish I knew methylene Chloride melted PLAY together! Also I wish I had played more with support and infill options in CURA.


What common mistakes do you see new users make?

Using models straight off the internet without importing into a 3d software package first to check scale and design. Not downloading the object as a whole and cutting up themselves according to their 3dprintwrs bed size or joinablity after the print.


What are the biggest challenges you face with 3D printing?

Bed size and rejoining objects after printing. Also moisture affecting PVA and waiting for prints to finish of detail level is very high.



What is your favorite project you have 3D printed?

It's hard to choose but the Staff of Fireballs and Orcish Dagger from Skyrim are 2 of my favorites! With the skyrim dagger I made a silicone mold and have poured many in solid plastic and painted.







Where can people see more of your work?

Jeff_razzy on Instagram

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