New 3D Solex Products for Ultimaker 3D Printers - Now In Canada

New 3D Solex Products for Ultimaker 3D Printers - Now In Canada

  3D Solex Hardcore 4 and Hardcore 7 Available in Canada


We are very excited to announce a few new products now available in Canada for your Ultimaker printers. We are now carrying products from 3D Solex. 


Hardcore 4 & Hardcore 7 PrintCores

Looking for nozzle changing functionality on your Ultimaker 3? Then the Hardcore by 3D Solex could be just what you are looking for. 

It comes with 4 different nozzle sizes to offer you more printing resolution freedom on your Ultimaker 3. Use a smaller nozzle like the 0.25mm for fine detailed prints, and the larger 0.8mm nozzle for larger prints faster.


 Hardcore 4 - Learn More
Hardcore 7 - Learn More
What is included:
  • Hardcore aftermarket print core
  • 0.25mm Nozzle 
  • 0.4mm Nozzle
  • 0.6mm Nozzle
  • 0.8mm Nozzle
  • Case
  • Nozzle changing tool


What is included:
  • Hardcore aftermarket print core
  • 0.25mm 
  • 0.4mm - 2x 
  • 0.5mm Steel (ICE)
  • 0.6mm 
  • 0.8mm 
  • 1.0mm 
  • Case
  • Nozzle changing tool


Everlast Sapphire 

This nozzle is meant to be a used with the Hardcore PrintCore (Hardcore 4 or Hardcore 7). This nozzle has a sapphire tip which resists damage from using abrasive materials so it won't degrade like standard brass nozzles. 

Learn More



SS ICE Nozzle for Ultimaker 2+/Extended+

Looking for a nozzle to resist wear when printing with abrasive filaments with your Ultimaker 2+ or Extended+ 3D printer? Then this new SS "ICE" nozzle from 3D Solex is just what you are looking for.

This fantastic newly developed product by 3D Solex has a core of stainless steel and a multi-component molecularly interlocked tempered surface with a few main  advantages:

1) PLA ( or any other filament we know of ) simply refuses to stick to it.

2)  Cold Pulls work so much better, the inside of the nozzle is “ICE”  too.

3) The surface is much more wear resistant than that of stainless steel, so it will last much longer printing abrasive filaments. Compared with brass, – it is in a class of its own.

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