Filament Recycling Pilot Project

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3D printing is a truly incredible technological advancement. It enables, empowers, and provides an impressive outlet for makers to create incredible things right in their own home. The problem is that even with our extremely reliable printers, waste, failed prints and scraps are bound to pile up. The questions then becomes; what to do with all of this waste plastic? You can throw it out, contributing to the strain on local landfills and damaging our environment. You can purchase expensive home based filament recyclers to try and recycle it yourself. We want to provide a third solution. We want to make it as easy and affordable as possible for makers to recycle their waste plastic, which is why we are starting a filament recycling pilot project.

Print Your Mind 3D is looking to partner with local institutions involved in 3d printing to pilot a filament recycling program. This program would be set to begin at the end of October. This service allows you the peace of mind knowing that your waste material is being properly and responsibly recycled. This also ensures that your waste material is not contributing to the strain on our local landfills.  The service will include pick two parts:

Pick up of waste filament: We are partnering with Blu Planet Recycling to offering waste material pick up. We simply ask that you sort your waste material by type. We will only be offering this service for PLA and ABS plastic during the pilot phase.

Processing & extrusion: We will then break down the waste material and combine with a percentage of virgin material to be put through an extruder. This will allow us to create a new roll of usable filament, made from your waste materials. We will then drop off a full 1 kg spool of filament 1 month after original pick-up.

We would love to offer this service at no cost, but unfortunately there is a cost to all of this. We ask for a very modest investment of only $100 to participate. If you are interested to get involved in this project please contact us at or give us a call at 587-226-2645. 

Help us make 3d printing green!

1 comment

  • Posted on by Jose

    Hello, Can you explain better how that works? do you pick up the wasted prints and will drop 1 kg of filament? is it proportional to the amount of waste picked? is the $100 is one time feed?

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