Top Five 3D Printing Blogs


top 5 3d printing blogs

If you are like us then you like getting tips, tricks a news from some of the influential 3D printing blogs out there. The problem is finding which blogs are actually worth tuning into, and those that just bombard you with useless content. We compiled a list of our favourite 3D printing blogs that we go to on a regular bases. If you follow these 5 blogs, not only will you hear about the latest happenings in the industry, you will also learn some pretty awesome skills to use on your next project.

In the list we include links to the companies we follow most and why, along with some of our favourite posts from those blogs. 


3d hubs talk blog

1) 3D Hubs Talk - 3D Hubs has quickly risen to be the go to place for companies releasing new products or complementary services. Their blog, which they call "talk," also has added features that allow you to tune into posts only related to your city or the printer you have. This is a great way to connect with people in the community you most want to "talk" with. See what they did there?

pinshape blog

2) Pinshape - The thing we love about Pinshape's blog is that they post content you can actually learn skills from. They post a ton of great informal blog posts on things like 10 things you need to know about 3D printing & food safety, 5 rules when using flexible filament or Popular 3D printing filament comparisons

sd3d blog

3) SD3D - These guys post some quality content that we refer back to on a regular basis. One of our favourites, and the largest reason we follow them now, was a fantastic curated review and assessment of the Best 3D Printing Filaments of 2015 featuring those exotics we all love to try like Taulman 3D, Proto-Pasta and MadeSolid. 

eezitec blog

4) Eezitec - We don't quite know how they do it, maybe they have a team of magic social media elves, but these guys are busy on the interwebs. They post daily news articles with features on what is making headlines in the 3D printing industry around the world. They are also do a great job at shining the light on other companies doing cool things in the industry. blog

5) 3D - There are a ton of websites whose sole purpose is posting articles and content related to 3D printing. Our personal favourite has to be 3D While others are focused only on product releases, these guys also include some great articles on how 3D printing technology is being applied in mind blowing ways. If you want to stay current on what is happening in the industry as a whole, check these guys out. And they happen to have probably one of the most valuable domain names in all of 3D printing.


*Other than having a hub on 3D Hubs, we have no affiliation with any of the companies mentioned*

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