Introducing Ultimaker Essentials, the Enterprise-Grade Software Package

Introducing Ultimaker Essentials, the Enterprise-Grade Software Package

Ultimaker Essentials is a new software package designed to help enterprises drive innovation while maintaining stability and security at the same time. Sign up today for early access, free until October!

Ultimaker Essentials contain 5 components: Ultimaker Cura Enterprise, Ultimaker Digital Factory, Ultimaker Marketplace, Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy and Built-in Technical Support.

Ultimaker Essentials Cura Enterprise

Ultimaker Cura Enterprise

  • Ultimaker Cura Enterprise is delivered in .MSI format, so that it can be deployed, configured, and managed with cross-platform systems distribution.
  • Ultimaker Cura Enterprise receives updates every 6 months, containing only thoroughly tested features to ensure stability. Each update will be supported for a full year after release.
  • Each release of Ultimaker Cura Enterprise is also assessed by external parties for potential vulnerabilities, so that the security can be continuously improved. 

Ultimaker Essentials Digital Factory

Ultimaker Digital Factory

  • Centralized management of multiple printers in the network, from anywhere in the world
  • Organize print jobs in a queue and reprint directly from job history
  • Manage control over printers through team sharing.
  • Obtain deep insights through print analytics

Ultimaker Essentials Marketplace Verified Plugin

Controlled Ultimaker Marketplace

  • Verified plugins ensures software stability
  • Installations restricted to Ultimaker Marketplace only to additional security

Ultimaker Essentials Technical Support

Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy and Built-in Support

  • Train your staff with official Ultimaker e-learning plans. The IT Admin learning plan is available right now!
  • Gain access to an advanced IT knowledge base and be able to obtain email support directly from an Ultimaker technician, 24 hours on weekdays.

Once officially launched in October, the annual subscription fee would be 350 CAD (subject to exchange rate fluctuations). 

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Or sign up today for free, early access until October!

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