How to print with 1 kg spools on your Ultimaker 3D printers

How to print with 1 kg spools on your Ultimaker 3D printers


Learn how to print with 1 kg spools on your Ultimaker 3 3D printer (or Ultimaker S3 and S5 for that matter)

One of the many benefits of the Ultimaker 3 3D Printer is it’s open filament system. This gives you the freedom to choose from any filament manufacturer of 2.85mm filaments. If you are looking for the most functional and seamless printing experience, we recommend using the Ultimaker brand filaments. However, it is possible to get very similar printing results if you don’t mind loosing out on the NFC communication with other brands of materials. This includes our very own Print Your Mind 3D (PLA, ABS, PETG, Woodfill & Carbon Fiber Nylon) filaments which we have been extensively tested for superior performance on the Ultimaker line of printers.

One difference between other brands of filaments and the Ultimaker brand filament is the spool size. Ultimaker uses a narrower 750g spool size while others, like our Print Your Mind 3D spools, are wider and contain 1kg of material. Yet another benefit of an Ultimaker 3D printer is it’s open source design. This allows users to actually download the source files to make improvements on. We found this design by Herwig Van Marck which solves this problem. The clever design allows you to print a small and simple adapter in under 3 hours that will allow your Ultimaker 3 to hold 1 kg spools. Just follow these steps below:

Ultimaker 3 1 kg spool adapter

  • Download and print spool adapter (link

Spool loaded for extruder 1

  • Place desired spool onto stock Ultimaker spool holder onto position labeled 2
  • Load material into extruder 2

Loading Ultimaker 3 1kg spool adapter

  • Slide adapter onto stock Ultimaker 3 spool holder on position labelled 1

Empty Ultimaker 3 1kg spool adapter

  • Place spool onto adapter
  • Load material into extruder 1

Loaded Ultimaker 3 1kg spool adapter

  • That is it. You are ready to print!


The primary function of the spool holder is simply to stop the spool from rolling away and allow the spool to spin freely. Another option you can always use is any sort of a stand alone spool holder like this one. Really, anything that holds the spool in place and allows it to spin freely can be used. You can even make one from a cardboard box and a pencil if you are really in a pinch (believe me, I have done this before).


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