How To 3D Print With Woodfill Filament

How To 3D Print With Woodfill Filament

Learn our tips and tricks to succeed 3D printing with Woodfill filament


Woodfill filament is a fun and easy to use material. 3D printing with Woodfill allows you to achieve some beautiful aesthetics, just like real wood. Here are some of our tips and tricks to give you the best results:


3D printing Woodfill bed preparation

Bed preparation: You want to prepare your bed just like you would with regular PLA. If you are printing with a Lulzbot 3D printer, then you want to print directly onto clean PEI. If you are printing with an Ultimaker 3D printer, or any printer that uses regular glass, then you want to apply a thin layer of glue onto your glass. Basically, however you print regular PLA is how you want to print Woodfill as far as your bed is concerned.


nozzle for 3D printing woodfill

Nozzle: We recommend printing with a 0.5mm nozzle or larger. This is to avoid any clogging or material blockages. We find smaller nozzles will be much more prone to failures. If you are printing with a Lulzbot printer, you can simply use the standard nozzle that came with your machine. If you are printing with an Ultimaker 3D printer, then you will want to use the 0.8mm AA print core. There is no need to use hardened steel nozzles like you would for abrasive materials when 3D printing with Woodfill as standard brass nozzles as just fine.


Settings: We recommend printing slightly cooler than you would with PLA for Woodfill. This will be between 190-210C for your nozzle and 50-60C for your bed. You also want to make sure you have your cooling fan on just as you would for PLA. Both Cura Lulzbot Edition and Ultimaker Cura have a material profiles available for Colorfabb Woodfill that works great with our Print Your Mind 3D Woodfill. 

Suggested material profile:

Lulzbot Cura:

Lulzbot Cura Woodfill Profile


Ultimaker Cura:

Ultimaker Cura Woodfill Profile

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