How to unclog your LulzBot Taz Workhorse or LulzBot Mini 2

Learn how to clear your LulzBot TAZ Workhorse or Lulzbot Mini 2 hot end


Recently, we have received a few calls regarding having filament stuck in the extruder of their LulzBot TAZ Workhorse and Lulzbot Mini 2. We thought it would be a good idea to take the content from our responses and turn this into a guide so others can learn from this as well. Both of these machines have essentially the same tool head so this can be applied to both printers.

Lulzbot Mini 2 filament stuck

Here is an example where filament has broken off below the hobbed bolt of the extruder. At this point there is no way you can simply tell the printer to extrude or retract to solve the problem. That basically means we have to start taking some things apart.


At this point we will need to disassemble the toolhead to get access to the hotend. First be sure to power off and unplug your printer then you will need to remove your toolhead from the printer to disassemble it. If you aren't familiar with that process Steps 5, 6 ,and 7 of this guide shows how that is done:

This guide goes over replacing the hotend on a Mini 2 but you can also use to for reference to help with the disassembly process:
For the unjamming procedure you will only need Steps 2, 3 and 6.
Once you have isolated the hotend from the rest of the toolhead, you can plug the disassembled toolhead back into your printer and preheat it to extrusion temperature for whatever filament you are currently trying to remove. (Be sure to use heat protective gear or pliers when handling the hotend to avoid burning yourself.) With the hotend isolated, you should see a nub of filament sticking out of the top of your hotend. Once the hotend has had a minute or two at extrusion temperature grip the nub of filament with a pair of pliers and try to pull it out. If you are unable to pull the filament out or if there isn't a grippable nub of filament you can also use a 2.5mm hex wrench to push the filament through your hotend like a plunger. Once the jam has been removed you can follow Step 9 of the guide for disassembly to walk you through reassembling your toolhead, just ignore the bottom parts of Step 9 that go over inserting your wiring since that won't apply in this instance.

Important note from Lulzbot: At Aleph Objects, Inc. we respect your freedom to modify your LulzBot 3D printer. It is important to know that any modifications or attempted repairs that cause accidental or intentional damage are not covered under the Warranty.
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