How is 3D printing used to create functional prototypes?



3D printing enables massive savings in time and money by proving a design before final production. This allows you to test fit, form, and function quickly and affordably to get an accurate representation of your final product.

Bhold Design Studio

Learn how Bhold Design Studio uses 3D printers to drastically cut the time of their product development cycles three. They previously releasing one product a year before using printers. Once they integrated 3D printers into their processes the team could is now launching four ready-for-market products in just three months.


See how the innovators behind Farmshelf, a fully autonomous system to enable businesses and indivuduals grow food on-site, used desktop 3D printers to create functional prototypes during the ideration phase of releasing their product.


With a 3D printer you can reduce the time it takes to finalize a product. They allow you to test your designs very rapidly, leaving time for better designs and more innovation.


You can now test the fit and function of your product instantly. This means you can hold your product in a matter of hours instead of weeks. This allows you to gather feedback and test the market much faster.


Design your products for manufacturability and verify this early on. This way you can avoid costly mistakes later in the development cycle.

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BOSE switched from using third party providers to in-house 3D printing and were able to see a 93% cost savings and reduce when developing BOSEbuild headphones. They were also able to reduce the prototyping time down from three days to just three hours per iteration. This allowed them to focus their attention on other essential elements to completing the design process.


Old Method - Outsourcing Prototyping To Third Party 

Cost: $30-40

Lead time: 2-3 days


New Method

In-house 3D Printing

Cost: $1-2

Lead time: 3 hours



93% cost savings per iteration

As you can see, 3D printing can help to drastically reduce the time and cost of testing functional prototypes. Contact us today to learn how we can help you realize the benefits of this technology in your business.


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