How is 3D printing used to create tools, jigs, and fixtures?

3D printing tools, jigs and fixtures


Traditionally, tools, jigs, and fixtures are machined in metal and users are forced to accept the associated weight, costs, and storage. With 3D printing you have the freedom to create custom-made parts just-in-time with ease.


Ford has been innovating in the automotive and manufacturing industries for over 100 years because they know how to adapt to a changing market. See how they are using desktop 3D printers to produce 50 of the tools used in their high volume production at a savings of about 1000 per tool.

Royal Netherlands Air Force

The Royal Netherlands Air Force has a fleet of helicopters, fighter jets, and other aircraft. It is critical to keep these high performance pieces of equipment running in top form. See how they use 3D printers to create custom-made tools for maintenance and quality control.

3D printed jigs by Ford

3D printing jigs and fixtures allows you easily adapt to a changing workplace. Print new tools quickly and affordably as new products are released, or changes are made to old ones.

Box of 3D printed jigs

Tool development times shrink from weeks to a matter of hours.

Ford 3D printed jig

Printing your manufacturing aids helps to raise shop-floor quality and the effectivness of your workforce.


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Volkswagon Autouropa was able to save over € 150,000 after having supplemented their assembly plant with 3D printed solutions. Before working with 3D printers, Volkswagen Autoeuropa used third-party suppliers to manufacture their custom tools and prototypes. The process took several weeks, especially when multiple designs or assemblies were required. It also meant more paperwork, quotations, and the adoption of a trial-and-error approach, all of which were holding up the tool manufacturing process – at additional cost.   The transition to 3D printing saved Volkswagen Autoeuropa 91% in tool development costs and reduced development time by 95%.

cost comparison ultimaker 3D printed jigs
cost comparison of Ultimaker 3D printed fixture

91% cost reduction and 95% time reduction

3D printing is revolutionizing the factory floor in how quickly and affordably companies are able to create their own tools, jigs, and fictures. Contact us today to learn how we can help you realize the benefits of this technology in your business.


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