How is 3D printing used to create end-use parts?



3D printing enables you to create exactly what you need right when you need it. You can now create extremelly accurate, low-volume, customized parts from your 3D CAD designs. The material options is constantly growing to rival injection molding. The best part is you don't have the cost contraints of tooling.

Snow Business

Snow Business is a company that you have certianly seen their work without ever realizing it. They produce machines to create artificial snow which is used in movie production. 3D printing has allowed them to drastically speed up their design process by creating final parts from desktop printers.

Faraday Motion Electric Skateboards

The team at Faraday Motion are working t create the future of urban transportation with their electric skateboards. They utilize 3D printing to produce numerous end-use components in the production of their products.


3D printers allow for small batch production runs to be done completely in-house. Once you have arrived at your final design, you can produce these effortlessly in customer-ready quality.


Manufacturers around the world rely on fleets of multiple printers to become part of the final product prodution cycle. In this sense you can have one machine responsible for producing many different parts which was previously unheard of.


Now you can create custom-made parts with incredible precision. This opens the door to rethink and improve upon off-the-shelf prodcuts to create entirely new solutions.

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Print +

Print+ was started as a Kickstarter campaign to create fully modular headphones that can be 3D printed locally. Customers are able to download, print, and customize all of the plastic plastic components while the unprintable parts are provided as a DIY kit. This revolutionizes the supply chain to enable for tru distributed manufacturing.


Print+ headphones can ship in 1/5 the volume of fully assembled heaphones.


80% reduction in required shipping volume

You may not have realized but 3D printing is already helping companies all over the world create functional end-use parts. Contact us today to learn how we can help you realize the benefits of this technology in your business.


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