How is 3D printing used to create concept models?



Take your idea from only a concept to a physical model in just a matter of hours. Having a physical model in your hands allows you to better communicate your idea in a way that a CAD model on a computer screen never could. 3D printing allows you to test and tweak your design again adn again until you have it just right. This is the future of concepting.


Make Architects

Learn how Make Architects moved away from outsourcing timber models to 3D printing large context models in house and realized 90% cost savings.


3D printing allows you to more clearly communicate your vision by having a close representation of your final product.


Shrink your development time from weeks or months to just days.


Create your models quickly, efficiently, and with precision. This allows designers to refine ideas rapidly to arrive at the final design faster.


It’s time to forget the days of hand-made models. Now you can create labour-free models thanks to 3D printing. You can concentrate on the final concept rather than building models.

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Old Method - Outsourced Timber Models 

Cost: $26,500

Lead time: 6 weeks


New Method - 3D Printing In-house

Cost: $2650 labour and material

Lead time: 2 weeks


90% cost savings for a typical large context model

If you are involved in the creation of concept models, now is the time to rethink your process chain and weigh the costs and benefits of 3D printing. You will be amazed with the savings in time and money. 

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