Calgary 3D Printing Services


With a variety of robust machines, we offer our 3D printing services in Calgary. We are able to print large objects in materials the other guys can't thanks to our Lulzbot Taz 5 and Tinkerine DittoPro 3D printers.

Choose between the following materials:


This is the most commonly used material in 3D printing. Printed parts in PLA are rigid, yet the material can be fragile if exposed to stress or heat. It is generally used most for pieces which are purely aesthetic.

Uses: This is best for cosmestic items, or those that wont need to withstand any force.


This is a petroleum based plastic which has added durability and heat resistance over PLA. Along with this is extra flexibility to allow printed parts to withstand more impact and higher heat resistance.

Uses:  drone parts or any items needing moderate durability, items exposed to moderate heat.

Taulman Nylon Bridge

Nylon is an extremely durable material. It has a much higher tensile strength than PLA or ABS to withstand more wear and tear. Nylon is also chemically resistant if your part will be exposed to various chemicals.

Uses: gears or mechanical parts, items exposed to moderate heat

Taulman T-Glase

This is an industrial high strength, low temperature material made from PETT. It has high clarity and light transmission if you need to be able to pass light through a printed part. T-Glase has an added benefit of being FDA approved for food contact.

Uses: parts requiring light transmission, items that will come in contact with food. 

Taulman N-Vent

This filament offers incredibly vivid colors you won't find in any other filaments. It was designed to have high gloss and clarity along with excellent toughness and temperature resistance. 

Uses: decorative pieces requiring vivid color, moderate heat and durability needs.

Taulman BluPrint

This is an ideal material for any projects that will be exposed to high heat. It is designed to withstand high temperatures while maintaining it's shape. Printed parts can withstand continuous boiling water for 5 minutes.

Uses: lamp covers, thermal spacers, thermal clamps, car headlight covers, items exposed to high heat.


Please contact us with any questions or concerns at Our turn-around time is typically 2-4 business days. Use the icon below to order a 3D print from us today!



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