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Taulman - Clear T-Glase PETT Filament - 1.75mm

Taulman 3D
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$32.99 CAD

This material is a industrial high strength, low temperature material made from PETT. It is designed for users who normally print with lower temperature materials, but are looking for a high strength features. This also offers very high clarity and light transmission found in translucent filaments. T-Glase is much more rigid than other Taulman3D filaments such as their nylon 618 and 645 which can be quite bendable making it similar to ABS or PLA.

"T-glase is also a high strength polymer meant for industrial applications. The major advantage of t-glase to all other polymers, is layer to layer bonding. Because the polymer bonds so well, there is no need to smash a large number of thin layers together to accommodate a good bond. Industry uses layer settings that are 50% to 80% of the nozzle dia with excellent results. t-glase has a very low shrinkage factor and is best printed on glass print beds heated from 60C to 80C depending on part size. t-glase also prints easily on glass heated to 45C and using a thin coat of PVA (Elmers Glue All) As with nylon 645, 680 and 910, the clarity of t-glase supports industrial non-destructive evaluations. In addition, t-glase is a directly printable polymer for glass clear jewelry.

Main Features

FDA approved – t-glase is specifically made of FDA approved polymers for direct food contact/containers.  This includes cups and other liquid storage parts as well as utensils.

Clarity – t-glase is considered colorless per industrial classifications.  t-glase is considered "water clear" as it will not degrade to a color in multiple layters of applied thickness.   t-glase’s clarity supports industry’s requirements for non-destructive evaluation of 3D Printed parts.

Shrinkage -  Very low shrinkage makes printing large flat surfaces a breeze.  And it easily prints to acrylic, glass, Kapton and other platforms.

Bridging -  Those of us that have printed with acrylics and poly carbonates are always envious of their bridging capabilities due to glass temperature.  And the new t-glase is very impressive at bridging.

Fumes - Unlike some lines, there are no odors or fumes when 3D Printing with t-glase."

From Taulman 3D

STORAGE: Every order comes with one large resealable bag with slider + an extra desiccant included. It is important to store your filaments in a dry area to avoid moisture absorption when not in use. The bag and desiccant ensure your filaments stay dry and free of dust & dirt to make sure your next project prints without a hitch.   

*All Taulman3D materials are made in the U.S.

*All T-Glase filaments come in 1 lb spools 

*For further information on T-Glase, check out the Taulman 3D website.  

*Print Your Mind 3D is an authorized Canadian distributor of Taulman 3D products.

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Taulman - Clear T-Glase PETT Filament - 1.75mm
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