Raptor Reloaded Kit

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Please note that this is an assembly materials kit - 3D PRINTED PARTS NOT INCLUDED

This kit is compatible with both the Raptor and the Raptor Reloaded designs.

Have you always wanted to try building a 3D printed prosthetic hand? This kit is made for anyone with a 3d printer who wants to produce a Raptor Reloaded hand by e-NABLE. You can download all of the files for free to print the hand, but these additional materials are required to make it functional. 

Each kit includes the following:

  • (4 feet) Velcro, double-sided (2” wide)
  • (8 feet) Non-flexible braided fishing line
  • (5 feet) Flexible elastic cord (1mm, for smaller hands)
  • (5 feet) Flexible elastic cord (2mm, for larger hands)
  • (6) Tensioner screws (extra small)
  • (6) Tensioner screws (small)
  • (6) Tensioner screws (medium)
  • (6) Tensioner screws (large)
  • (4) Palm velcro attachment screws with stop nuts (smaller size)
  • (4) Palm velcro attachment screws with stop nuts (larger size) 
  • (10) Lee Tippi Micro Gel Fingertip Grips
  • (12 inches) Firm Foam Padding (5 ¾” wide)

Important Notes:

  1. This kit requires multiple sizes of both robertson and philips screwdrivers.
  2. This kit is designed for the standard one or two piece palms. It can produce a hand in the same style as this Instructables

Are you interested in making a hand for someone in need? We recommend becoming a volunteer with e-NABLE. It's an amazing community of people around the world 3D printing for good. Get involved! We promise you wont regret it. 


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