The speed at which a reaction occurs (a.k.a. the reaction rate) is affected by conditions like temperature, reactant concentration, reactant surface area, and the presence of a catalyst. Explosions are examples of reactions that occur very quickly because the right conditions are present for the reactants to combust rapidly. In this activity, students will design and 3D print a shaker/filter that will deliver a reactant with the correct concentration and surface area for a small dust explosion to occur. The use of 3D printing allows students to design and modify filter prototypes quickly and accurately - enabling students to try different shapes and sizes that could not have been tested using conventional materials such as cardboard and filter paper!

Subjects: Chemistry, Science

Duration: 2 Teaching Days

Included Files:

  • 1: Lesson PDF
  • 2: Instructions for Making
  • 3: Worksheet Only

All lesson plans are courtesy of Tinkerine Studios Ltd. and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License


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