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Our Enviromakers initiative is a collaborative effort between Print Your Mind 3D, post secondary institutions, k-12 schools, and other members of the 3D printing industry to use additive manufacturing technology to develop solutions to real world problems to benefit people and the planet.

A portion of all sales from Print Your Mind 3D is directly contributed to funding these initiatives around innovation, education, and medicine.


$5 from every Print Your Mind 3D spool of filament sold in June is donated to the Victoria Hand Project

  We are passionate about showcasing how 3D printing can be used to create solutions to real world problems which benefit people and the planet. That is why we started our Enviromaker initiatives and a portion of all profits directly support these projects around innovation, education, and medicine. As a fellow Canadian organization, Victoria Hand Project (VHP) shares this goal. That is why we decided that we had to team up with them and show our support. VHP is a non-profit who has developed their very own 3D printable prosthesis. Through partnerships with local prosthetists around the world in developing countries, they print and donate custom made prosthetic hands to locals. For the month of June, $5 from the sale of every spool of Print Your Mind 3D filament will be directly donated to VHP. Our goal is to raise $800 which is enough to fully fit two amputees with their Victoria Hands in the developing world.

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Calgary Hand-a-thon (March 2016)


Edmonton Hand-a-thon (December 2016)


Print Your Mind 3D's Hand-a-thons

Our Hand-a-thons are lives events where students 3D print, assemble, and donate prosthetic hands for children in need around the world. Print Your Mind 3D sponsors much of the 3D printing, as well as the hardware needed to build the hands, along with co-organizing the event. After the events, we donate the hands to the Enable Community Foundation who distributes these to recipients around the world. These events are not extra curricular activities. They happen in schools thanks to the support of teachers and volunteers. Also, the students actually receive high school credit for participating through Innovate High School. In this way, the students are literally changing lives through their high school education.


50 prosthetic hands donated to children in need.

Engadged and inspired over 150 students, teachers and volunteers to become agents of change.





Medical Makers Project - 3D Scanning and 3D Printing Assistive Devices for a Bilateral Transhumeral Amputee 

We are working with a team of doctors, designers, and engineers from across the world as part of the Medical Makers project. The recipient lives in a village in rural Nigeria where he was involved in an electrical accident resulting in the loss of both arms above the elbow. We are developing assistive devices to allow him to perform routine daily activities once again. 

See our progress in our recent update.



Custom Assistive Device for Calgary Recipient

We started working with 4 year old Clara when we ran our first Hand-a-thon in Calgary. You can learn more about that from our previous post here. Since then, we have been able to successfully print her a number of different e-NABLE hands. The problem is these "off the shelf" designs are not optimal for her particular needs. Therefore, we are forming a team of biomedical engineers, prosthetists, and others to create her own custom device. If you are interested to work with us on this project and have experience/expertise in design, biomedical applications, or prosthetics please contacts us.

Recycling Pilot Project


Due to the nature of rapid prototyping, and 3D printing in general, when you develop the new iteration of your model the previous one becomes obsolete. Also, working with FFF 3D printers creates waste due to support material, failed prints etc. The problem is there is no current solution for what you can do with this waste material. We think it is extremely important to develop a solution for this.

Goal: Create a system which will allow large volume producers of waste material from FFF printers to recycle their old material to be converted to new usable filament. We will then use this material in the production of devices we need create solutions to real world problems which benefit people and the planet.

We are currently piloting recycling projects with Westwood High Schools's Green Initiative Club, the Innovate Program, and we are currently seeking interested schools in Calgary. We plan to take feedback and lessons learned from this pilot project to develop new equipment to recycle this waste on a larger scale. Print Your Mind 3D will be leading a team of 4th year mechanical engineering students from the University of Calgary to develop this new equipment as a sponsored capstone project. 



 Westwood High School's Green Initiative Club

Coming Soon


Sustainable Innovation Design Contest


Past Event Press  



5 Things You Can 3D Print To Make Things Grow

The Basics of 3D Printing Prosthetic Hands

6 Things To 3D Print To Change The World


Our Partners

Edmonton Public School's Innovate Program


3D4MD & their Medical Makers Program

University of Calgary

Bow Valley College


Causes we support:

3D Ponics

Perpetual Plastic Project


The Ocean Cleanup

The Plastic Bank

e-NABLE Community Foundation


We are looking to collaborate with designers, engineers, schools, universities, and individuals who are interested to create real change. Contact us if you are interested to get involved with Enviromakers at enviromakers@printyourmind3d.ca. 




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