Use Cases

3D printing is revolutionizing the way things are made. It has taken the manufacturing industry, and the world, by storm. Don't think that these printers are only for big budget companies and the wealthy. We carry a wide variety of printers to match your budget. See how industry and makers alike are using this incredible technology!



3D printers are finding their way into the classroom at an ever growing pace. Students can use the machines to engineer and design their own prototypes. Teachers can use our vast array of resources to help students grasp concepts


3D printers allow engineers to quickly and accurately see their vision come to life at a very low cost. This includes advanced prototypes with complex structures and moving parts, all of which can be easily 3D printed. 


Architects can benefit greatly by creating physical models to aid in refining designs. This is an invaluable resource to show clients a 3D printed model prior to moving to full scale production.


It is important to fully understand the physical 3D properties of a design to fully understand if an idea will work. 3D printing enables nearly endless freedom to explore shape and form in ways that were previously impossible. No matter if you are creating intricate chairs, lamp shades, movie props or cookie cutters, 3d printing allows you to go from concept to proof of concept in as little as a few hours.


Technology such as 3D printers are changing modern medicine and benefiting so many lives. Doctors can now plan surgeries by creating visuals of bones, hearts and tumors which can all be done on desktop 3D printers. Prosthetic limbs such as the inspiring creations of the e-NABLE project, empower regular people to make incredible change. 


Fashion designers around the world are making one of a kind creations thanks to 3D printers. Intricate designs that cannot be created by any other method are suddenly possible. It is easier than ever to create your own jewelry, glasses and even shoes with a desktop 3D printer.



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