Taulman - Bridge Nylon - 2.85mm

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This low cost material offers you the strength you expect from any Taulman 3D nylon. One of the added benefits is that Bridge was designed to have less shrinkage when printing compared to other nylons. This means you will have far less warping and curling issues when printing. 

From Taulman 3D:

"Bridge (645 revB) as noted is a variation of 645. As a result of 3D printer's requests, taulman3D worked with our chemical group/Company to make changes in the cooled surface of the polymer. This was a major effort to increase the ability to print on non-garolite surfaces. While the shrinking factor for all nylons is slightly higher than ABS, the ability to adhere to a PVA (white glue) in such a way as to overcome the amount of total shrinkage, increases the success of parts printed in nylon. Bridge is used for any parts that require the strength of nylon, yet are large and prone to pulling away from the print bed at sharp transitions. Bridge carries the same flexibility as 645 and a slippery surface texture on all perimeters. Bridge was also defined as a high qty run polymer, thus reducing end cost."

Main Features

A Lab certified measure of tensile strength.

Better Adherence to the Printing platform.


Reduced water up-take from local humidity

Non-destructive evaluation (Opacity)

Reduced Shrinkage


Recommended Printing Settings

Print temp = 245C - 265C

Nozzle = any size

Print speed = 80% of  ABS speeds

Retraction = 1mm/.1mm nozzle or for a .5mm nozzle = 5mm

Print bed =  Glass heated to 45C with coat of PVA

STORAGE: Every order comes with one large resealable bag with slider + an extra desiccant included. It is important to store your filaments in a dry area to avoid moisture absorption when not in use. The bag and desiccant ensure your filaments stay dry and free of dust & dirt to make sure your next project prints without a hitch.   

*All Taulman3D materials are made in the U.S.

*All Nylon Bridge filaments come in 1 lb spools 

*For further information on Nylon Bridge, check out the Taulman 3D website.  

*Print Your Mind 3D is an authorized Canadian distributor of Taulman 3D products.

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Ultimaker 3

Great need more experience with the products, then it will be better.

Good Product

It performs as advertised


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