After our weeks of testing to find the best filaments in the world, we arrived at a clear winner. It has taken some time to finally get to where we are today but we are very excited to announce our new partnership with InkSmith Premium Filaments.

These filaments gave superior results when tested compared to over 20 other brands from around the world on Lulzbot and Ultimaker 3D printers. Learn more about these industry leading filaments below:



  • Unparalleled Product Quality and Selection - with Stratasys competitive materials, you won't find better value anywhere
  • Guaranteed Dimensional Accuracy of 0.05mm+/- although we usually run at 0.03mm+/- 
  • Rigorous Product Testing - all of their materials come battle tested with accurate specs - learn more here 
  • Smart Packaging - resealable vacuum bag with a desiccant and the box can be cut into a spool holder
  • Social Impact - for every roll we sell, 5 trees will be planted in perennial food forest cooperatives


 For a limited time get 10% off InkSmith filaments with discount code InkSmith



9 colors available

PLA-I is a high grade filament, perfected for ease of use with desktop 3D printing. Modified, our filament retains the typical advantages of PLA, with greatly improved toughness and a reduction of its brittle trait. Using PLA-I will reduce calibration times, improve success rates and ensure a consistent printing experience. With a minimal shrinkage factor PLA-I will not warp or deform after cooling. Poly Lactic Acid is a compostable bio-plastic made from renewable natural resources and one of the most popular materials for 3D printing. 

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7 colors available 

ABS-X is a next-generation industrial grade ABS filament. By applying proprietary zero warp technology we’ve created a filament with far less cracking, near perfect interlayers, reliable bed adhesion and significantly improved the mechanical properties. These properties make ABS-X the ultimate ABS replacement that prints strong and aesthetically pleasing parts without the headaches associated with ABS like warping and poor bed adhesion. ABS-X is the perfect material for optimal production of strong objects that require a high impact tolerance.

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4 colors available

PETG is a strong, high clarity, odor neutral and easy to print filament for 3D printing. These characteristics, together with the high impact strength, excellent flexibility and minimal shrinkage make PET-G an excellent material which combines the advantages of both PLA and ABS. The filament is hydrophobic and therefore, does not absorb water. Make sure to use PET-G for your projects that require food safety! 

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2 colors available

ASA-X is our highly modified industrial-grade filament with many features like UV resistance, zero warp technology and excellent mechanical properties. ASA-X not only has great strength and interlayer adhesion but also features one of the best aesthetics possible with FDM 3D printing. The reliable bed adhesion will ensure a smooth printing experience. With ASA-X you can consistently build high-quality parts, with exceptional UV stability and the best aesthetics of any thermoplastic.

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